"......As were growing up we were always told we are beautiful inside and out; we never knew what that meant.

But somewhere along the way, the frown became a smile.

We turn to make-up and we conceal, we mask, and cover our flaws.

As if beauty is an illusion. 

But beauty is something we create, not just how we feel.

Make-up is completely a miracle."



Perfect Makeup For Your Perfect Day


Himani Makeup.Skincare

Himani Gupta


HIMANI make-up and skincare has the finest in skin care and cosmetic products. We want you to feel and look beautiful!  We take pride in the products we offer and choose only those that meet our highest quality standards. When customers visit HIMANI, they have access to finest products. Murad and Yonka Paris are high performance clinical Skincare Formulas. We have professional Makeup artists and skin care specialists. We are serious about education and believe that on-going training is critical to keep the most recent advances in Makeup and Skin Care available to their customers.